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What Materials Do You Use to Make Your Creations?

All of our creations are made from an upcycled or recycled object. Most of our creations are made from vintage silverplate silverware unless otherwise noted. Our findings (clasps, links, earring hooks, chains etc.) are all silverplated as well unless otherwise noted. Please note, if you have a metal allergy we cannot guarantee you will not have a reaction. Vintage silverplate silver has numerous different base metals and base metal combinations and we cannot verify each one.

Do You Offer Free Shipping?

Absolutely! When you spend $35 or more, we take care of the shipping costs for you!

The Website Only Has One Item Available but I Want to Buy Multiples.

Yes, you are right. All of our items are one-of-a-kind, handmade, and from materials available at the time of creation. As such most of our items are listed for sale with the quantity of one (1). But feel free to Contact Us and let us know which item you are interested in getting multiples of and we can check our stock and see if we have materials to make more for you.

I Notice the Items in the Photos Have a Pink or Green Hue. Why is That?

That's an excellent question! Due to the reflective nature of the silverware, it picks up colors from the surrounds when being photographed. Naturally my phone case is bright pink and our studio has bright green walls.

How Do I Care for My Laughing Frog Studio Creation?

Most of the items we create are made from upcycled silverplate silverware. Most of our findings (rings, chains, hooks, clasps etc.) are silverplate except for our ball chain which is stainless steel. Silverplate is a plate/coating of sterling silver over another base metal*. As such, it will tarnish in the same manner that sterling silver will tarnish. Here is a good graphic. Here is a printable.

STORE IT: Your Laughing Frog Studio creation will arrive in a zip loc baggie. When not using/wearing your item, store it in the airtight baggie to slow the tarnishing process.

WEAR IT: Do NOT feel like you cannot use/wear your item!! If you wear your item daily, it will naturally not tarnish as the oils from your skin help keep the tarnishing process are bay, particularly items worn on the hands/arms. If your notice some tarnishing beginning, gently rub the piece with your fingers to remove the light tarnishing and the oils your place on the item will help protect it going forward.

POLISH IT: If you need to polish your item, you can use a polish cloth. You probably already have one sitting in your jewelry box already! Or else you can use a tiny amount of silver polish, we prefer the brand Wenol.

*Base metals are usually copper, brass, white metal, nickel etc. Please note, if you have a metal allergy, it is best to choose sterling silver creations as we cannot guarantee you will not react to the base metal.

I Placed an Order! When Will I Get It?

Thank you! Once an order is placed, we ship it from our Cat Spring, Texas studio as soon as possible. It may take up to 3 business days before your shipment is processed. USPS typically delivers shipments in 3-6 business days.

What is Your Return Policy?

Please see our Policies.

Can You Stamp Both Sides of My Piece?

Unfortunately we cannot stamp on both sides of a creation. There is often a slight to distinct impression on the back side from the force of the stamping tools. As such, we can only stamp one side.

How Do I Know What Size to Purchase?

Please see our Sizing Information.

Why Does the Listing Say "Unknown"?

Since our focus is on upcycling, we try not to have any waste. When we cut up a piece of silverware for a creation, obviously not all parts will be used. Those parts are thrown into a scrap bin for use at a later time. When we dig into the scrap bin, we cannot always determine from which pattern the scrap originated. As such, in the listing, we have to say unknown.

Do You Accept Custom Orders?

Yes, we do custom orders! We love custom orders because it gives us a chance to really interact with our customers. Often we learn a little something about them and are privy to special little part of their lives.

We can....

  • Create a item to your specifications from a silverware piece from our stock.
  • Create an item to your specifications from a piece of silverware you provide us (i.e. grandma's silverware).
  • Some other combination or idea you may have!

Custom orders make great heartfelt and sentimental heirloom gifts for family. One recent customer brought her father's baby spoons to us. She asked us to make spoon rings from the handles and a stamped spoon necklaces with dad's name on the bowls. She then kept one set and gave the other two to her sisters as Christmas gifts! Please note, custom orders have a slightly different pricing structure.

To learn more, please see our Custom Orders page.

Will I Be Charged Sales Tax?

Items purchased and shipped to addresses in Texas will be charged 6.75% Sales Tax.

Does Laughing Frog Studio buy old silverware? I have my grandma's silverware but I am not going to use it.

YES YES YES! We love to buy old silverware. Please Contact Us and let us know what you have, what you are asking for it, where you are located and a few pictures so we can see if it is a pattern we will be able to use.

Does Laughing Frog Studio Work with Influencers or Press?

Yes we do on a case-by-case basis. Please Contact Us with inquiries.

Does Laughing Frog Studio have a Wholesale Program?

Yes, we do have a wholesale program. Please Contact Us to learn more.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Privacy Policy

What are your Terms of Service?

Terms of Service

Do you have a studio/location I can visit?

Yes, we do have a studio/location. We are in Cat Spring, Texas. Right now we are by appointment only while we work on building a bigger studio/shop space. Please Contact Us to set up an appointment.

I Have a Question I Thought Would Be in the FAQs But It Is Not.

We’ve tried to think of all questions that might be asked, sorry we missed one. Please Contact Us with your specific question.