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Meet Matt

Matt Edmondson premiere artist at Laughing Frog Studio where they make upcycled silverware jewelry, accessories and more.
Meet Matt! The man with ALL the talent!⠀

- He loves to start each day with a good breakfast.
- He is originally from Denver, but has spent 2/3 of his life in the Midwest. 
- He is often kind of quiet and doesn’t say too much, but he is technically an extrovert, meaning he draws his energy from being with people rather than being alone. People are always befuddled to find out he is an extrovert because he's so quiet.
-While he is not quite bionic, he is kind of Frankenstein-ish – both shoulders repaired, a knee repair, cataract surgery at 30 and a fake front tooth!
- He is the most handsome guy I have ever known! I DEF won the lottery!
- If you asked him what accomplishment he is most proud of he will say his kids.
- If money was not so necessary, he would own a restaurant – he is a phenomenal chef!
- His first car was a 1970 Ford Bronco. He once repaired the clutch with a paper clip. I know because his folks still had the car when we started dating and I was with him when the clutch broke. 
- Spicy anything – probably because he is from the southwest.
- He is very athletic and was a wrestler, diver, football player and BMX bike racer in his lifetime. 
- He is a lifelong Broncos fan and cried when Elway retired.
- He is 1/16th native American but you cant't tell by looking at him! 
- He has three mottoes he is always espousing: “Everything in Moderation”, “It’s always more fun when you participate” and “We’re Edmondsons and we’re tough”
- He always thinks of and puts everyone else first. Period.

Photo Credit - @darbyedmondson