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Fork Elephant Keychain Key Chain Upcycled Silverware
Fork Key Chain - Elephant - #4551

Fork Key Chain - Elephant - #4551

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Everyone loves our fork elephants and rightly so, elephants are the sweetest of wild creatures. They are a symbol of wisdom and good fortune. This elephant keychain is made from a vintage silverplate fork and features the elephant with a side-curled trunk.

For all of our designs we choose wonderful vintage/antique silverplate cutlery. Once chosen, the pieces are modified and beautified by HAND; they are cut, drilled, filed and polished.

Manufacturer: Unknown
Pattern: Unknown
Year: Unknown
Dimensions: ~3-1/2 total length x 1-3/8" wide at widest points.

Condition: Please note, this is an antique item that was once used as a utensil. As a result there may be some wear to the silver-plate, fine scratches or marks from use. But some wear gives the piece patina and personality. We do our best to disclose any condition issues we note.