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Meet Jen

Hello & Welcome.

Jen Edmondson, Owner & Maker at Laughing Frog Studio where they upcycle vintage silverware into jewelry, accessories and more.

I am Jen. There are two of us at Laughing Frog Studio, but Matt is at work a lot. In daily life he is a desk jockey. You can meet him here. ⠀

If you are new to Laughing Frog Studio, thanks for being here. If you have been with us before, welcome back!I think its about time you get to know a little more about us. ⠀

- With that being said, I am an only child! ⠀
- I love my Starbucks Iced Grande Latte and have one 98% of the days of the year.⠀
- I am an introvert. Being an introvert means you draw your energy from solitude rather than people. People are always befuddled when I say I am introvert because I am very loud and talk a lot when you know me well, and laugh loudly. But I need my alone time!⠀
- I have two ADHD kids and was diagnosed myself in my late 40s after years of knowing in my heart that I was. Matt probably is too, but he doesn’t feel the need for diagnosis.⠀
- My childhood nicknames were “Hyena”, “Hee Hee”(see theme here? That’s why part of our business name is “laughing”) and “Herc”.⠀
- I’m kind of bionic! I have two artificial hips that I got in my late 40s and I need two knee replacements, but I am putting that off.⠀
- I workout almost daily. Its how I keep the pains in my aging body at bay.⠀
- I wear yoga pants every day (why? see bullet above).⠀
- We have a sweet mutt rescue dog whom is probably a Plott Hound. His name is Mojo.⠀
- Chocolate anything!⠀
- I try to be kind, patient and positive to everyone I encounter every day because, quite frankly, we all “got shit”.⠀
- I am a hockey mom (which is partly why we started this business – see The Story).⠀
- I would love to own a house on a beach someday. But first, kids thru college.⠀
-I am married to the man of my dreams – literally and am thankful for every day I get with him. He still makes me laugh all the time, and, as we have established, laughing is very important to me.