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Wedding Memories and Traditions

1997 Wedding Photo of Matt & Jen Edmondson

Weddings bring about many traditions that are tried and true. There’s the bouquet toss, the best man speech, the first dance, the cake smash, the father walking his daughter down the aisle. the throwing of bird seed (rice is bad for birds) as the newlyweds depart, freezing the top tier of the cake to eat at the first year anniversary etc.

I cherish traditions as they connect us to those who came before us and those who will come after. While I wanted to have the tradition of a cake at my wedding reception, I was not interested in the cake smash - I did not want cake all over my face and dress for the remainder of the event. I mean we are all for silly fun and laughter (Duh, our business name is Laughing Frog Studio) but having a sticky mess of goo on your face and dress when you are trying to celebrate and entertain is just not cool. So the cake smash tradition was not something I was keen on doing.

So, instead of feeding one another cake with our hands and risking the temptation to smash one another, we opted for these weird things called forks! You know, a utensil to eat with! At the time, while we were into antiques and vintage decor, but it did not occur to us to have a set of special vintage cake forks as part of the cake table. If we were to get married today, we would For SURE have special handstamped wedding cake forks that read “Goofball 1” and “Goofball 2”.

Wedding Cake Table at the 1997 Wedding of Matt & Jen Edmondson

Once the wedding day has passed, it is nice to make traditions that last a lifetime.

  1. First Anniversary: Celebrate with a review of our wedding album and/or video and have the wedding cake that’s been in the freezer for the first year of our married life. Bring out your special hand stamped vintage wedding cake forks and relive the whole thing!
  2. Daily Tradition: Create a shadowbox with handstamped forks, favorite wedding photo, “something old”, and handwritten vows etc. Hang it in the spot where you can see it regularly and reminisce and celebrate your marriage.
  3. Weekly Tradition: Celebrate your union regularly. Cook a meal together at least once a week, perhaps Sunday, and “Grateful” dinners. Use your special handstamped wedding forks at this meal and reminisce about your wedding and tell one another why you are grateful that the other is part of our life.

While we didn’t have this wonderful keepsake at our wedding, its never too late to add a symbolic tradition to your marriage. I think we will soon be making “Goofball 1” and “Goofball 2” forks and may begin the weekly tradition of giving thanks for one another at our Sunday meals.


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