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We're Back!

We're Back & we're ready for 2019!

We ended 2018 by selling our house as part of our downsizing process. With the kids having flown the nest for the most part, it just didn't make sense to keep the big 'ole house. Initially we bought a larger house because we are a family that is physical, loud and lives "large" so we needed the space to "move around". However, now the kids are gone and when they are home, all they need is a space to sleep and be on their phones. So we bit the bullet, purged our belongings until our eyes bled, listed the house and sold it. We will be moving into a smaller house, but until we decide where to go, we are temporarily living in a one bedroom apartment. 

Yeah, I said one bedroom! And I am LOVING it! So much easier to clean and maintain, so much less "stuff" to deal with and its SO WARM since we are in a middle unit! Yes, it was a little tricky when the kids came home, but we got creative. We hid a mattress behind a couch and made a "nest" for one child. The other child is very adaptable and didn't mind sleeping on the couch because he spends a lot of the school year sleeping in a tent. In fact, he received a tent as a Christmas gift and just had to set it up in the only floor space left in the apartment!


Needless to say, as a result of this chaotic transition, we have been a little MIA for the last 8 weeks. The buyers of our home wanted us to move out the week of Thanksgiving! So we moved all our belongings to storage, moved into our apartment then started the holiday season of Thanksgiving (in Texas) and Christmas (in Colorado). It has been chaotic to say the least! But the kids are back at school, so now things are settling back down a little bit and we can focus again on our upcycled silverware jewelry and other handmade creations!

We're excited to get started with 2019 and see what is in store. 

How is your 2019 shaping up? Tell us your plans for the fresh new year!

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  • That’s awesome! Way to shake it up and make it happen…and then make it work. I’m so much happier in my small house too.

    Katie O’Brien

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