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Ergonomic Spoon Cheese Knife - MILADY - #5323
Ergonomic Spoon Cheese Knife - MILADY - #5323
Ergonomic Spoon Cheese Knife - MILADY - #5323

Ergonomic Spoon Cheese Knife - MILADY - #5323

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This delightfully unique charcuterie knife is HAND made from an upcycled serving spoon. This exclusive Laughing Frog Studio design that is made to ergonomically fit your fingers and make cutting hard cheeses easier and safer. By being able to grip the indents in the heart shaped handle, you are able to push directly downward into hard cheeses thereby maximizing vertical force 

With popular charcuterie boards, this charcuterie knife makes a stately and functional addition to the meat and cheese presentation. 

Each hand charcuterie knife is cut, prepped, bent, sharpened and finished BY HAND – each one will be slightly different from the next.

Manufacturer: Community Silverplate
Pattern Name: Milady
Pattern Date: 1940

For all of our designs we choose wonderful vintage/antique silverplate cutlery. Once chosen, the pieces are modified and beautified by HAND; they are cut, drilled, filed and polished, etc.. All of our creations are handmade - as such no two items are exactly alike. 

Condition: Please note, this is an antique item that was once used as a utensil. As a result, there may be some wear to the silver-plate, fine scratches or marks from use. But some wear gives the piece patina and personality. We do our best to disclose any condition issues of note.