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Pandemic Boredom Busters

{Here's a cute picture of a puppy - puppies always make me smile and lower my blood pressure.}

  • WRITE A LETTER a day to people you know who may be shut it during social distancing.
  • START UP A GAME of Scrabble on Words With Friend App..
  • LEARN AN INSTRUMENT. Grab that guitar/harmonica/recorder from out of the corner, dust it off and finally learn how to play.
  • DEEP CONDITION YOUR HAIR because where are you going that you need to be seen?
  • TRAIN YOUR DOG some new tricks: Roll over, dance, β€œbang bang youre dead”, fetch a beer, etc.
  • ORGANIZE THAT BOX OF PHOTOS. If you can order a photo album, order one. If you cannot, at least organize the photos and put into zip loc baggies until you can put in an album at a later time. Consider organizing by year, by person or by event.
  • LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE. Start learning a new language with the Duolingo App. – I think they have a free platform that is formatted like a game to keep you engaged.
  • IRON CHEF NIGHT…..take several incongruent grocery items that you have in your fridge and make a game out of creating a meal from those ingredients just like the Iron Chef TV show.
  • COLLECT MISSING SOCKS. Find all the missing socks…..behind the dryer, under the couch cushions, under the bed. Revel in the zen this brings.
  • CREATE A SCAVENGER HUNT WITH CLUES. This one only works If you are sheltering in place with other people. But I supposed you can make the hunt with the clues and you can go through it yourself.
  • TRY SOMETHING NEW – MEDITATION. There are some really great Apps. I personally use Unplug and LOVE it! Or our local hospital sent us free guided meditations! Check these out!
  • FLOOR HOCKEY – grab some brooms, hairbrushes, badminton racquets, anything and a ball. You can make the goals out of one of the amazon boxes you have stacked in the garage.
  • FREE LIVESTREAM MUSIC. Scan the web for free concerts. John Legend and Coldplay have done them and others will surely follow. Also the Met Opera in NYC will be streaming concerts. Learn more here. Or check out this full list of options from NPR.
  • WOULD YOU RATHER. Call and friend and play a game of Would You Rather. Make a list of fun questions before you call. Here are some examples. Would you rather have an extra finger or toe? Would you rather parachute or scuba dive? Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?
  • READ When all else fails, you can always read! New York Public Library has over 300,0000 free downloads here.
  • SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES. Being a small business owner, I can't help but think of all of the other small businesses getting through this weird time, especially in a brick and mortar setting. While we are generally very optimistic people, these times are confusing, and the unknown can be scary. If you need anything, please think of small businesses first. Order take out and shop their websites!

  • One more cute puppy to make you smile.Β