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The Heart - Fundraisers

The Heart - Fundraisers is where share our recent fundraisers for local causes close to our heart.

July 2022 - Columbus Rescue Dogs

{Mojo our rescue dog of 15 years / Gibbous our rescue/foster dog}

The SHORT story - we love dogs and want to help them.ย 

The LONG story - see Gibbous's origin story below.

@laughingfrogstudio Meet our foster rescue. Found him alone and wandering. Turns out heโ€™s super sweet, but no one has claimed him. So weโ€™re fostering him with a local rescue organization. Weโ€™ll have more details later. #rescuedog #rescuedogs #fosterdog #fosterdogs #greatpyrenees #abandoneddog #abandondeddogs #doglover #doglovers #dogsarelove #dogsareloved #humaneyesdog #lostdog #greatpyraneesmix #greatpyreneesmix #greatpyreneesoftiktok โ™ฌ Homeward Bound - William Joseph

When we found Gibbous, we didn't know who to turn to for help out here in the country. We were led to Columbus Rescue Dogsย (CRD) through a local veterinarian. Immediately a volunteer from the organization was at my house with two large bags of food, a few necessary medications and a lot of support. She called another local vet and told them I would be bringing in a rescue dog for an exam and it was to be billed to CRD. This helped a bunch since we didn't know what we were getting into financially.

By having this initial visit, it ensured that this dog received immediate quality care and this was VITAL to this dog's well being. Turns out Gibbous was heartworm positiveย and was immediately started on medication to help rid him of this disease. Again, this was all covered by the local volunteer group Columbus Rescue Dogs.ย 

Apparently there is a plethora of stray and abandoned dogs (I simply cannot comprehend this) in this area and Columbus Rescue Dogs is stretched BEYOND it's limits in terms of fosters, staffing, supplies and most of all funding.ย 

So in addition to fostering this sweet boy Gibbous, we feel the need to do more to help this poor sweet dogs that are helpless and alone. As such are hosting this fundraiser to raise money for the medical bills of future stray or dumped dogs that receive help though Columbus Rescue Dogs.ย 

The mission of Columbus Rescue Dogs: "We are just a couple of ladies trying to help save dogs in our local pound and out side of the city limits. We are all strictly volunteers trying to give these fur-babies a second chance at finding their forever homes. We have a booth at our local Farmers Market to raise money for their vet bills, which includes having each dog spayed/neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested, placed on heartworm prevention, flea control, microchipped as well as the their health certificate and transportation fees."