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Women of Nature Press Release

Celebrating the Earth and the Female Spirit, Laughing Frog Studio Launches its “Women of Nature” collection of Upcycled Spoon Ring Jewelry

The “Women of Nature” collection honors the unique beauty, spirit and perfectly imperfect qualities of women with handcrafted vintage silverware, upcycled into striking works of art.

CAT SPRING, 2021 - In creating the “Women of Nature” collection, Jen and Matt Edmondson, co-owners of Laughing Frog Studio, sought to recognize the strength, resourcefulness and beautifully glowing flaws of the perfectly imperfect woman that uniquely defines each of us.

“A lot of women think that perfection, particularly with respect to physical beauty, is the be-all, end-all,” says Jen Edmondson co-owner of Laughing Frog Studio. “But to be honest, what makes us beautiful are the imperfections, the quirks, the imbalance. They give us intrigue, dimension and ultimately, our defining beauty.”

Laughing Frog Studio is known for its eco-friendly, upcycled silverware jewelry and other creations. The “Women of Nature” collection uses those same eco-friendly concepts and applies them to a line of rings intended to celebrate the individuality and unique qualities of women.

Each ring is a hand-stamped demi tasse spoon bowl with a surplus silverware piece as the ring’s shank. Each ring face features an array of metal stamp impressions in the form of a woman’s face with a distinct personality, conveying a sense of individuality.

Additionally, each ring has its own name and personality profile. For example, Celeste has super curly hair, full lips and freckles. “Celeste loves the color purple and lives her life according to the phases of the moon. You will sometimes find her dancing in her moonlit garden, or even in the rain.”

The collection will be sold exclusively on the studio’s website: This unique spring collection is limited to a dozen one-of-a-kind rings in various sizes and launches April 19, 2021. Women of Nature rings start at $49.

Since 2011, Laughing Frog Studio has created high-quality, handmade and unique upcycled vintage silverware jewelry, accessories and housewares that enchant the creative spirit, honor the eco-friendly lifestyle, and spread kindness and even a sprinkle of humor. Laughing Frog Studio is a husband-and-wife team located on a cattle ranch in Cat Spring, Texas.

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