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Mixed media double strand necklace with 1920s Giant Grip belt buckle
UPcycled silverware necklace with antique monogrammed belt buckle
Buckles & Bits Necklace | 1920s Belt Buckle & Silverware Bits #5667
Hand beaded turquoise colored beads paired with vintage silverware and antique belt buckle
Handmade spoon jewelry necklace with handbeaded strands
Buckles & Bits Necklace | 1920s Belt Buckle & Silverware Bits #5667
Buckles & Bits Necklace | 1920s Belt Buckle & Silverware Bits #5667
Buckles & Bits Necklace | 1920s Belt Buckle & Silverware Bits #5667

Buckles & Bits Necklace | 1920s Belt Buckle & Silverware Bits #5667

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Our newest line of necklaces made from upcycled materials is very exciting. These double strand statement necklaces incorporate vintage 1920s belt buckles along with our signature upcycled silverware designs.

We wanted to make more of a statement necklace that incorporated our vintage silverware as well as some more earth-toned beads to compliment the shiny metals.

As you may (or may not) know, Laughing Frog Studio was born out of an antiques business from many years ago. While I was going thru a bin of leftover vintage tidbits, I found a super cool vintage belt buckle and thought it would make such a cool necklace!

The belt buckle in my vintage tidbits bin was a 1920s Giant Grip brand buckle.

“Giant Grip" was one of the brand names used by Samuel Buchsbaum & Co. of Chicago, according to The Keystone Jewelry Trade Mark Book, 1934 edition. It turns out that Mr. Buchsbaum was a prolific designer and inventor. He applied for many patents from various belt buckles to an anti-friction device for shoes to a dresser hinged vanity box from 1915-1922.

Artisan Multi Strand Necklace w/ Vintage Belt Buckle Center Piece Turquoise + "B"

Strand #1: Sivlerplate paper clip chain 
Strand #2: Turquoise colored beads
Accent: 1920s Giant Grip Belt Buckle with Monogram "B"
Charms: Vintage mid 20th century silverware handle tips
Size: 16" drop from neck

For all of our designs we choose wonderful vintage/antique silverplate cutlery. Once chosen, the pieces are modified and beautified by HAND; they are cut, drilled, filed and polished. We do not cast/mold any of our designs, they are all handmade, one-of-a-kind creations.

Condition: Please note, this is an antique item that was once used as a utensil. As a result, there may be some wear to the silver-plate, fine scratches or marks from use. But some wear gives the piece patina and personality. We do our best to disclose any condition issues of note.