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Upcycled Spoon Guitar Shaped Belt Buckle
Hand Stamped Upcycled Spoon Guitar Shaped Belt Buckle
Back side of Upcycled Spoon Guitar Shaped Belt Buckle
Guitar Belt Buckle Stamped Lucille shown in hand for scale

Spoon Belt Buckle - Guitar - #1307

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The idea for a spoon guitar belt buckle blossomed from a customer who, while purchasing one of our spoon guitar money clips, asked if we made spoon guitar belt buckles. After about a year of pondering and creative design, we are thrilled to say we have created such a unique item. Our proprietary design spoon belt buckles are our pride and joy.

This spoon guitar belt buckle is made from an upcycled casserole spoon. The decorative portion of the handle has been removed and is used in another project. The spoon bowl is contoured into a guitar shape and the “sound hole” is drilled. The surround of the sound hole is stamped with circle ornamentation. The prong is formed from the “neck” of the spoon/guitar. Next the catch is fashioned from another silverware piece that was in the scrap bin. We do not cast/mold any of our designs, they are all handmade, one-of-a-kind creations.

Please note, this listing is only for the buckle. To use this buckle you will need a leather belt called a "snap belt". A snap belt is the industry standard for swapping out custom belt buckles. You may even already have one in your closet! 

Manufacturer: 1881 Rogers
Pattern Name: Scotia
Year: 1915
Size: 4.25" x ~3"

For all of our upcycled silverware jewelry and accessory designs we choose a wonderful piece of vintage/antique silverplate cutlery. Once chosen, the pieces are modified and beautified by HAND; they are cut, drilled, filed and polished. We do not cast/mold any of our designs, they are all handmade, one-of-a-kind creations.

Condition: Please note, this is an antique item that was once used as a utensil. As a result there may be some wear to the silverplate, fine scratch marks from use. But some wear gives the piece patina and personality. We do our best to disclose any condition issues of note. Obviously this spoon had loads of wear to it before we made it into this buckle - we feel it gives the piece mystery and intrigue.