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Stamped Spoon Keychain - ENJOY THE JOURNEY -

Stamped Spoon Keychain - ENJOY THE JOURNEY -

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Enjoy the Journey - simple yet deep thoughts. Enjoy the journey, embrace the detours, ignore the bumps and simply live. Our hand stamped soup spoon keychain embodies this free living notion and makes a great gift to self or thoughtful gift to a dear friend.

This listing is for a hand stamped key chain. But  you can use any way you like.....put it on a chain as a necklace, add it to your keyring or tie a ribbon to it and use it as a bookmark!

Manufacturer: Unknown
Pattern Date: Unknown
Qty: Currently 1 in stock, more can be made to order. 

For all of our designs we choose wonderful vintage/antique silverplate cutlery. Once chosen, the pieces are modified and beautified by HAND; they are cut, drilled, filed and polished, etc. All of our creations are handmade - as such no two items are exactly alike. The items in the photos represents the general design.

Size: 3 1/4" long x ~1 5/8" wide. ~11" Keyring.

Condition: Please note, this is an antique item that was once used as a utensil. As a result there may be some wear to the silver-plate, fine scratches or marks from use.