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5 Small Businesses to Support Right Now with the Buy Small Save Small Pledge

As a small business owner, I know that marketing my business on a next-to-zero budget is very difficult. Luckily, there are some cost-efficient tools that small business can utilize in order to get the word out – blog posts (like this), direct mail, social media, doing markets/shows, buying advertising, sending out press releases, etc. However, when your business is so small that you can count the number of employees on one hand, trying to utilize all of these advertising avenues becomes overwhelming and you need to make sure the tools you use are effective at getting your message out. 

One of the tools I use the most is social media. I am always trying to put out fresh content, show off our newest creations, show up as a human being and connect with others. Our friend Meg from Solutions on 2nd did an Instagram post urging people to try to help small businesses with purchases, social media shares, comments, saves etc. When I saw this post, I was super excited and commented with my wish to start a social media movement, complete with a hashtag, to share, promote and support small businesses. A week later the #buysmallsavesmall movement was born. Meg hits the nail on the head when she says, “For a small business owner, getting a new order for your shop is great; but knowing your dreams are supported is priceless.”

The brilliant idea sprouted by Meg and Solutions on 2nd is the Buy Small Save Small movement complete with a hashtag #buysmallsavesmall and its own website. Buy Small Save Small is a very simple concept:

  1. buy from small businesses whenever you can
  2. share small business communications (social media, texts, emails) as often as you can
  3. explore the ads you see that small businesses are showing you in your social media feed or that friends are sharing

To learn more about what you can do to help save small businesses, go to – you an even take a pledge to #buysmallsavesmall and #shopall50. Let’s all do what we can to help small businesses across the USA!!

{ Please note, this post does NOT contain affiliate links which means Laughing Frog Studio DOES NOT receive a commission if you decided to purchase. We are simply doing our part to support small businesses. }

1. Give A Damn Goods | Seattle, Washington

We discovered Give A Damn Goods when they approached us to do a collab. We created some custom stamped silverware keychains for several gift boxes in their online shop.

Give a Damn Goods is a very special shop that sells Ethical Goods & Gifts that Give Back. You can find a gorgeous, fun and eclectic line of goods that all fall into “do-good” categories: Anti-trafficking, Artisan Made, BIPOC Owned, Eco-Friendly, Ethically Made, Fair Trade, Homeless Care, Made in America, Up/Recycled, and Small Business Supporter. And Emily, the owner, doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She is a huge supporter of small businesses and practices and eco-friendly lifestyle which she shares in her social media posts.

So if you are looking to purchase a gift or a self-gift and want to get some extra social responsibility goodness juice with your purchase, check out Give A Damn Goods website and their Instagram page. 

2. Locker Lifestyle | Chicago, Illinois

Kat Samardzija of Locker Lifestyle is a total powerhouse young entrepreneur that started her business in college in 2016 after having her belongings stolen from her gym locker on campus. Kat came up with a brilliant idea to avoid future loss – a Wrist Locker®.

Kat’s Locker Lifestyle Wrist Locker is a genius solution that is exactly what it sounds like. It is a well-designed pocket for your wrist. In this hands-free storage, you can stash your cash, keys, id and even your phone while you are exercising. Plus, they are dry-wicking and machine-washable.

Locker Lifestyle is a woman-owned business that focuses on innovation, quality and fun. Shop their online store for your own Wrist Locker. They even make Head Locker (headband). 

To shop for innovative active storage solutions, check out Locker Lifestyle website and their Instagram page.

3. Hummingbird Candle Co. | Asheville, North Carolina

I am not 100% sure how we discovered Hummingbird Candle Company, but I am so glad we did! Talk about GOOD VIBES! This place is literally vibrating with joy and positivity! Plus, their business is guided by ecofriendly principles and strongly promotes Women Supporting Women.

Hummingbird Candle Company makes Eco-Friendly Luxury Candles. They have an online store AND two Brick & Mortars that you can visit and shop. PLUS, at their brick and mortars, they offer Candle Making Experience of pouring your own candles! To top it all off, they offer a ton of unique scent categories like “Foodie Scents”, “Crisp & Clean” and "Vibrant Energizing". The candles come in 3 sizes and prices for all budgets.

As part of our pledge to the #buysmallsavesmall mission, we ordered three candles from Hummingbird and they smell absolutely divine! You can view our unboxing here.

To shop for unique eco-friendly candles made with love, joy and positive vibes, check out Hummingbird Candle Company and their Instagram page.

4. Rugid Grind Coffee | Houston, Texas

Rugid Grind is a coffee roaster in Houston Texas that has a beautifully curated selection of on-site roasted coffees. But they are more than that; their tag line is “brewing with a purpose” because every bag of coffee sold funds their mission to end youth homelessness across the world through funding the 180 Project.

In addition to having a SUBLIME coffee selection, they also have some interesting options.

  • You can make a one-time purchase or you can sign up for a weekly subscription.
  • You can chooses from multiple grinds: Whole Bean, Espresso, Pour Over, Drip, Chemex, French Press, Percolator, or Turkish.
  • K-Cups and decaf are also available.

As part of the #buysmallsavesmall mission, we purchased the Santa Rosa which had very sweet, caramel, smooth buttery body, dark chocolate, some berry notes, clean finish. You can view our unboxing here.

To buy your small batch roasted coffee with a mission, check out Rugid Grind as well as their Instagram page. 

5. Purely Macramé | Hickman, Nebraska

If you are looking for the cutest, most cheerful and on-trend macramé earrings and other creations, Purely Macrame is the place to go! All items are handmade by Steph Opfer whom exudes pure kindness and joy.

Steph created Purely Macrame “in November 2019 to help our family pursue financial freedom. Now we are currently saving to purchase a HOME for our family of five!”

All Purely Macrame earrings are super light and come in so many colors and designs – who knew you could do this much with macrame?

As part of our pledge with the #buysmallsavesmall mission, we bought two pairs of earrings. One for me and one for my daughter.

You can view our unboxing video here.

To get your own cute, cheerful and on-trend macramé earrings, go to Purely Macrame and also check out their Instagram page.

Join Us!

Let's all do our part to help small businesses in the best ways we can. Remember, buying from them is not the ONLY way to support small businesses, helping spread their word is a great way to help them too! Share their social media posts, comment on the posts, tag friends, email/text friends when you receive a promotion!

At Laughing Frog Studio, we have taken the pledge to #buysmallsavesmall and are trying to #shopall50 by years end with a $20 purchase at small businesses throughout the USA. Additionally, we try to share and promote small businesses on social media whenever we can.

Stay Tuned Next Month for Another Roundup of 5 Small Businesses to Support Right Now!

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  • Thank you! THANK YOU for supporting woman owned small business!! It’s an uphill battle to create and maintain a company that serves and supports women and our community and when people like you come alongside us with support like this is lightens the load and it makes the journey worth it!!

    Tianna Dean

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