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How to Find JUST the Right Necklace Length For You

Jen Putting on a Second Necklace to Illustrate Different Necklace Lengths


Necklaces are a fun way of accessorizing– sometimes a necklace can change the whole vibe and look of an outfit! Adding new necklaces to your wardrobe brings new possibilities to existing outfits. Just think, those tops you’ve had forEVER get a fresh look when paired with a new and exciting upcycled silverware necklace. But first you need to determine what length of necklace works best for you.

Finding the right length of necklace for you depends on several things; it’s important to take into account your body size, proportions and body type. Additionally, you need to consider your neck shape and size, as well as your face shape.

Let's get started....


Let’s start with your body size/proportion. If you are super petite at 5’2” with a small frame a 24” long necklace may not work for you and will likely get caught in your belt buckle! If you are 5’11” a 24” long necklace will likely drop nicely in the middle of your chest. If you are short and/or petite, you’ll want to choose a length that sits right around your collarbone, so the piece does not overwhelm you. A good rule of thumb is as follows:

  • if you are 5’4” tall or shorter, go with a 16-20” chain.
  • if you are 5’4” – 5’7” go ahead and wear any length.
  • if you are 5’7” or taller you can wear any size chain but know that longer chains accentuate your height.

With respect to proportion, you need to consider the size of your torso as it relates to the rest of your body. On most women, a necklace shorter than 20" sits at/above the bust. When you go longer, though, you want to be sure the necklace works with the length of your torso and your bust, especially if you are short or full-figured. 


If you are small busted, you can pretty much rock any necklace length and you can easily pull off long chains of 28”-35”. If you are busty, you will need to determine the correct length of necklace for you so that it hangs in the proper spot for you. Some women are very proud of their bust and have no problem having a necklace swinging from their bust area. But if you are a woman who is self-conscious of a large bust, opt for shorter necklaces (18”-20”) to draw the eyes upward.


Women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes. You will want to make sure your necklace lengths work to emphasize those angles and curves to your best advantage.

  • Pear Shaped – If your body is smaller on the top then it is at the bottom, you want to create an illusion of broader shoulders. Necklaces that are 18”-24” that sit just above your bust draw attention towards your upper body thereby accentuating shoulders.
  • Athletic – If you have an athletic shape of tall, slender, and not too curvy, you can typically wear any type of necklace.
  • Hourglass –If you are curvy like an hourglass, try a necklace length that just sits on your décolletage (space below the neck and above the top of your cleavage) to help accentuate your curves.
  • Inverted Triangle – With broad shoulders and a tiny waist, you will want to wear longer necklaces to bring the eye down to your waist, highlighting the smallest part of your body.


If you have a long neck, you can easily pull off a choker necklace. If you do NOT have a long thin neck, you will want to go with a longer necklace about 20”-24” long which will give the illusion of length.


Your unique face shape dictates the style of necklace suits you best. Here are some common face shapes and the best types of necklaces for those face shapes:

  • Round/Oval Face – Look for long (20”-24”) necklaces that elongate the face by creating a V-shape that brings the eye down.
  • Square/Oblong – Try a choker or shorter (15”-17”) necklace to soften the sharper angels of the face.
  • Heart-Shaped – Go for shorter (16”-18”) necklaces to really help soften the face's angles and balance out the narrow part of the chin.


Finally, a few Pro Tips. Remember, a necklace draws attention to wherever it falls. So if you..

  • have facial wrinkles, wear a longer length necklaces preferably with a show stopping or eye-catching pendant to draw attention away from the wrinkles.
  • have a lovely neck, go with a shorter choker to accent that asset.
  • are large busted and proud of it, wear a chain that falls at your bust.
  • are tall and self-conscious about your height, don’t go with a long chain (20”+) instead opt for a more average length chain (15"-19").


Here are some common necklaces lengths and their corresponding names. 

Necklace length size guide



Location on Body.

13 - 15"


Wraps tight around the throat or neck.



Rests at base of neck.



Sits just on collarbone.



Worn between collar bone and bust in the décolletage.



Hangs on or slightly below bustline



Drapes from below bust to stomach.

{Necklace Length Artwork by Olivia Boyd @ohboyd.jpg on Instagram}


To determine what necklace length is best for yourself, you can use a tape measure or a string.

  1. Wrap a string around your neck with both ends hanging down like a scarf.
  2. Pulling on the two ends, adjust the length of the string for the length for which you are looking.
  3. Mark the string where you like the length.
  4. Lie the string flat and measure the string from the string end to the mark on the string.
  5. This will be the length of the necklace you will purchase.

So go buy yourself a few new necklaces and accessorize your existing wardrobe in new and exciting ways -

go forth and feel fabulous!

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