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Relationship Goals – Interdependence is Key to a Healthy Relationship

Couple in Healthy Relationship Connecting by Holding HandsCouple in Interdependent Relationship Jumping For Joy Together but Independently
We all need to be loved - it’s a universal and natural need. Many of us want to be in a loving relationship with someone special, someone who “gets” us. In fact, socio-biologically, we are wired to bond, relate and procreate. The bottom line is, for the most part, we are all seeking a relationship. I mean, lets be honest, we even have a holiday (Valentines Day) devoted solely to love and romance!

While many of us are seeking a relationship with a special someone, we need to be careful and intentional about the relationships we form. Many experts agree that there are good/healthy relationships and there are bad/unhealthy relationships. Obviously, our relationship goals should be to have a healthy relationship that will stand the test of time.

Unhealthy Relationship of Codependence

A woman feeling sad because of an unhealthy codependent relationship
Let’s begin with what constitutes a bad/unhealthy relationship - an abundance of codependence. A codependent relationship is a relationship where one person loses his/her sense of self and behaves in ways to bolster his/her partner’s happiness and well-being while sacrificing his/her own happiness and well-being. In these relationships there are very few boundaries, a strong dose of manipulation/controlling, and oftentimes, no real interests outside of the relationship. In essence, one person is absorbed by the other.

Healthy Relationship of Interdependence

But what constitutes a good/healthy relationship? Professionals indicate that a good relationship consists of an abundance of interdependence. Dr. Barton Goldsmith, in his article, “Interdependence Day(s)- How to Create a Balanced Relationship,” describes the idea of interdependence: “The healthiest way we can interact with those close to us is by being truly interdependent. This is where two people, both strong individuals, are involved with each other, but without sacrificing themselves or compromising their values.”
Connected But Independent People in Interdependent Relationship
Ultimately, an interdependent relationship is where both parties have a healthy sense of self and behave in ways to support and nurture one another and the relationship while having the freedom to explore personal goals and self-nurturing without fear of retribution for seeking personal happiness and well-being. In these relationships there are clear and defined healthy boundaries, clear communication and active listening, and freedom to pursue interests outside of the relationship. Simply put, both parties recognize and value the importance of the emotional bond they share but are free to be autonomous and true to self.

Fork Tine Heart Bracelet – Epitome of a Healthy Relationship

Fork Tine Heart Bracelet Relationship Bracelet Epitome of Interdependent Relationship
This healthy interdependent relationship is the story behind our “Relationship" bracelet. As the story goes, Matt made the first "Relationship" fork tine heart bracelet and asked me what I thought of the design. That’s when I had the “aha” moment. Of course I loved the creation from a clever design perspective. But what I really admired was the symbolism of the piece – it symbolized “the perfect relationship of being together but independent.” At that point we realized what a special creation we had before us and decided we needed to add it to our collection.

Our relationship bracelet features two hearts (hand-forged from fork tines) that are linked together in a link bracelet. The hearts in this bracelet are connected to one another but can move freely and independent of one another. Very much like a typical healthy interdependent relationship, the pieces support the connection but are free to move independently. The chain is caped off with a bead or charm. Styles vary.

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About Laughing Frog Studio

At Laughing Frog Studio we make many upcycled silverware creations in addition to the "Relationship" Fork Tine Heart Bracelet. We make spoon rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, money clips, barrettes, belt buckles, key chains, bookmarks and more! We can even make creations with your family silverware! With your handmade creation, you will receive some history of the piece - manufacturer, pattern name and pattern year.

To learn more about us and our relationship, please visit our About Us page.
Matt and Jen of Laughing Frog Studio playing in a tree illustrating a healthy interdependent relationship

Laughing Frog Studio’s mission is to create high-quality, handmade, unique and one-of-a-kind upcycled vintage silverware jewelry, accessories and housewares that enchant the creative spirit, honor the eco-friendly lifestyle, and spread kindness and a sprinkle of humor as often as possible.

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