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When Did That Happen? I Suddenly LOVE Baked Beans!

Ok, all my life I have despised baked beans. I have lived in all 4 corners of the USA and have never EVER liked baked beans offered to me in any of these places.

Laughing Frog Studio's Jen Edmondson Wearing Spoon Earrings and Stamped Spoon Necklace while making a YUCK face

I have never liked them, that is, until the month of my 51st birthday. We were travelling to North Carolina to drop our son off at school. On our way, we stopped to stay the night at the home of our Cornell College friends Bethany & Jeff whom live in Kentucky. The live in a gorgeous home on a mountain in a rural area of Kentucky. Naturally, they prepared us a wonderful dinner of BBQ pork shoulder, cole slaw and baked beans. Trying to be healthy and polite, I took a helping of baked beans. I was gobsmacked at just how delicious these baked beans were! I literally had to go back for seconds!! 

So, I asked our hosts for the recipe because I was just thoroughly enamored with this rich flavor palette combined with the wonderful super food of a bean. As you might expect, there was no real recipe....."oh we jus throw a can of prepared baked beans in with some ketchup and mustard, sometimes some molasses or honey, sometimes some beer or Worcestershire or whatever we have on hand and then bake it for a long time. Sometimes we top it with bacon."

Well dang! That didn’t really help me. So I decided to create my own recipe to which I could return to over and over when I had a hankering for delicious baked beans. BULLSEYE!! My first try and it was OMG WTF DELISH! I am so proud of my recipe creation, that I HAVE to share it with you!

(I served this with chicken breasts marinated with olive oil, lemon juice, chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, and s&p. I then layered the chicken with fresh jalapeno sticks, and a cream cheese spiked with garlic and fresh green onions. We also had rice that was baked in tomatillo sauce.)

 Laughing Frog Studio's Recipe for Homemade BBQ Baked Beans with photo of beans in bowl with vintage silverplate spoon

And yeah this post has NOTHING to do with upcycled silverware, spoon rings, vintage silverware or the like. But sometimes you just have to share the love and share a recipe - am I right?

To see more recipes we have either created or tried, choose "Recipes" in the topics box at the top of the page. But here is one recipe you really must try! Classic Overnight Oats!

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